Welsh & Jefferies

Eton uniform stockist

Weatherill Bros.

Made to measure, custom made

  • ITEM
  • School Dress
  • 3 Piece Tailsuit
    Striped Trousers
    White shirt (polycotton)
    Disposable Ties
    Collar Studs
    Black slipover
    White collar
  • Formal Change
  • Grey Flannel Trousers
    Formal shirt cotton
  • Masters’ dress
  • Masters’ teaching suits
    Wing collars
    Bow ties 
  • Sundries
  • Boxer shorts
    Black socks
    White hankerchief 
    Laundry bag
    Cuff links
    Scarf 100% wool
    Shoe cleaning kit

Welsh and Jefferies are proud stockists of the Eton College Uniform, supplying you with everything your child might need: from spare packs of collar studs right up to specially designed Eton Society (or “Pop”) waistcoats. (For a full range of our custom products please head over to our (Contact Us” page) First we take your son’s measurements to find the right size of garment, then we order the items you require and perform any minor alterations necessary to ensure a perfect fit. We hold a large uniform stock; of all sizes all year round. All the uniform is made inside the UK from British pure new wool. We also carry out after sale servicing and dry-cleaning on all items of uniform. All uniform alterations and name taping is always performed free of charge.